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Posted on January 1st, 2018

Time (Min) Program
10:20 ~ 10:25 05′ Songdo ConvensiA → IFEZ PR Center
10:25 ~ 11:05 40′ Visit IFEZ PR Center
11:05 ~ 11:10 05′ IFEZ PR Center → Incheon Urban History Museum
11:10 ~ 11:50 40' Visit Incheon Urban History Museum
11:50 ~ 11:55 05′ Incheon Urban History Museum → Songdo ConvensiA

Namsan Seoul Tower

IFEZ PR Center introduces the development plan and progress status of its projects in Incheon Economic Free Zone. Through state-of-the-art exhibition facility of the simulation experience including the three-screen video made show. IFEZ PR Center shows the future vision of IFEZ and its development into one of the world`s top 3 free economic zones.


Incheon Urban History Museum is a exhibition viewing facility that gathers information on Incheon`s urban development plans from past, present and future all in one place. Visitors are able to learn about the history of Incheon, which was the first city to implement urban development plans in Korea and the city`s future development including its vision for the future.

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